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Under Tile Heating Mat


Hotwire Heating Mats offer all the benefits of Hotwire Under Tile Heating with the added bonus of the element being already fixed to a mesh.

This makes installation a breeze as you simply roll out the system across your floor.

Price listed is for Heating Mat 300 Watts, sizing ranges through to 1500 watts


In stock: 2-5 business days.
Special Order: 10-14 business days.

The under tile heating mat provides an invisible, comfortable, fast, dust-free, quiet and energy-saving floor heating solution. The element is only 3.6mm thick making it ideal for both both new floor construction and retrofit in existing buildings.

Hotwire Heating mats are a high-quality heating mat with single cold tail. The heating cable is evenly pre-spaced on self adhesive fibreglass mesh

Sizing ranges from 300 watts 2m2 through to 1500 watts 10m2


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