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Kalfire E-One 190S Bay (3 Sided) Electric Fireplace


The Kalfire E-one 190S is an electric holographic fireplace with glass on the front, both sides and optional heating. The projection of 3D holographic flames on the handmade logs imitates true-to-life fire. Options such as the realistic glow bed, crackling sound and optional Atmos Heating ensure an optimal fire experience. A three-sided model is suitable as a see-through fireplace and takes your interior to the next level. Admire the holographic flames through the sides and be amazed by the realistic fire. At 190 cm wide, the E-one 190S is also perfectly used as a cinewall. Kalfire E-one holographic ambient fireplaces can be tailored to personal preferences.

Atmos Heating: atmospheric fire with heating

The E-one is available with an innovative heating element called Atmos Heating. This element is exclusively available for the built-in versions of the Kalfire E-one (all variants except the E-one 100F Freestanding). The heating element provides a pleasant and continuous flow of warm air at a 45-degree angle. This heating ensures an optimal fire experience that is unique for electric fireplaces.

Create your own fire

We give you options to create your own fire. Among other things, personalise the intensity and height of the flames, shuffle through flame images, choose the sound and intensity of the glow bed. Save all these settings in the Kalfire Moods, so that from now on you can watch your own fire at the click of a button.

In stock: 2-5 business days.
Special Order: 10-14 business days.

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  • 3D holographic technology
  • Endless built-in possibilities
  • Glass size: 1920 x 370 mm (w x h)
  • Consumption (excl. heating): 110 watts
  • Consumption (incl. heating): 2 kW

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