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Kalfire E-One 100 Front Electric Fireplace


The Kalfire electric fireplace: revolutionary design to redefine your living space. Experience the mesmerizing dance of lifelike flames, customisable to your preference in height, colour, and even crackling sound.

With no need for gas connections or flues, the E-one offers boundless possibilities in placement, ensuring a seamless integration into your home. Embrace safety, sustainability, and unmatched elegance with this technological marvel. Elevate your space with the Kalfire E-one, where warmth meets artistry.   Through the projection of 3D holographic flames on the handmade logs, it simulates true-to-life fire. Options like the realistic glow bed, crackling sound, and optional Atmos Heating, make the E-one’s holographic fire virtually indistinguishable from real fire.

The E-one is available with an innovative heating element called Atmos Heating. This element is exclusively available for the built-in versions of the Kalfire E-one (all variants except the E-one 100F FR). The heating element provides a pleasant and continuous flow of warm air at a 45-degree angle. This heating ensures an optimal fire experience that is unique for electric fireplaces.

Pricing for Fireplace Engine only. Find out more about our installation service here.

In stock: 2-5 business days.
Special Order: 10-14 business days.

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  • 3D holographic technology
  • Endless built-in possibilities
  • Glass size: 1000 x 367 mm (wxh)
  • Consumption (incl. Atmos Heating): 2 kW
  • Consumption (excl. Atmos Heating): 110 watt

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